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Here you will find a library of information on strategies in building science, indoor air quality, moisture management, mold avoidance and remediation, toxin avoidance, quality design and healthy living.


Whether you are building a new home or making repairs post-remediation, mold-safe building practices is a topic we will cover frequently.


What can you do if you suspect or have found mold in your home or business? Ask an industry expert about safe practices and how to find the right help.


How can you prevent moisture damage? What do you do if you've had a flood or leak? Hear from guest experts in the field of water damage restoration.


Do you know how to spot potential mold issues? Send in photos to get feedback on building defects which could lead to mold or moisture damage.

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Are you buying, renting, or building a new home? Gain knowledge to help you find or build a safe home. Have you experienced flooding? Have you located mold? Learn about the crucial first steps to remediation.


Take part in live presentations and discussions with experts in the field of building, design, remediation and science. We discuss the latest in building practices, safe structures, materials and discoveries in the world of mold prevention.


Don't endanger your investment by walking blindly into a property.
Educate yourself to know the signs of mold and moisture damage before taking the plunge.
If you are an agent, differentiate yourself and learn to help your clients find a mold safe home.


Differentiate yourself from the crowd with continuing education on the risks of mold and moisture damage. In DWI we discuss safe building practices , what works, and what doesn't, in the steps to prevent unsafe homes.


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What clients are saying about cheryl

“Cheryl is very knowledgeable and ready to help.”
“It confirmed some areas of concern I had and allowed me to have the backing of an expert and the vocabulary to use with other parties in order to resolve the issues… Overall, it was a great service. Glad I was able to do it!”
“#1 [takeaway] was a practical approach to moving, hopefully without moving mold.”


Association of Licensed Architect
ALA Conference
Westin A Price Foundation
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A licensed architect and thought leader sharing solution strategies for professionals, building owners and individuals related to water damage, mold and toxins in buildings which affect health. With 30+ years of knowledge, research and experience, and motivated by a personal story of toxin exposure, Cheryl offers proven design, construction and renovation solutions to solve building challenges economically.

Cheryl brings tenacious research abilities, analytical thinking and her family story of recovery to the topic of environmental health, while also sharing her passion for design and construction solutions that make a difference. Cheryl is a frequent speaker at architecture and engineering conferences around the U.S. and participates on the Board of Directors for Association of Licensed Architects – Illinois, and the American Lumber Standards Committee.

Based in Wyoming, Cheryl has a B.S. in Architecture with High Honors from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota- Minneapolis.

Cheryl Ciecko Architect

Don't waste time searching through information online when KNOWLEDGE is available! Get the expertise, quality resources and solutions to eliminate your water damage, mold and toxin challenges now.

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Product Pros & Cons

Do you have questions about a product, building material or service? Send a link for Cheryl to review and address.

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Or Will It Become Mold?

Do you suspect you may see a mold issue developing? Post your photos in the community for Cheryl to review and address.

Watch over 20 videos already in the vault on the with examples. 


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What building topics do you want to learn about most? We listen to your input! Access videos on topics like Insulation, Vapor Barriers, EMFs, Mold Testing and more!



Get an expert lead masterclass every month on your most requested building and remediation topics
Selecting Healthier Building Materials with Corinne Segura
ERVs HRVs and Humidity with Brantley May
Protecting Yourself Legally when Buiding Kristina Baehr

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Not sure if you have mold in your building or a defect that could cause mold in the future? Send in your photos for a review! Cheryl and the team are active in the group to give quick tips.


Post Photos In The Community

Could you have mold or a situation that will cause mold? Submit your photos for review by architect Cheryl Ciecko

Considering a popular product or building material for your project? Check out our reviews to learn how it could work, plus other points you need to keep in mind before use.


Product Pros & Cons

Do you have a product or building material in mind? Ask Cheryl for an expert opinion and she will give you the pros and cons
Will Gutter Guards Work?
Is Rammed Earth A Good building option
Waterproof Stucco Underlayment Will It Work

Popular Product Reviews Already Inside The Members Library

Here Are Just A Few Of The Reviews You Can Watch Now!

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